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Had to share this....world's cutest, chubbiest pony on the run! Had to share this....world's cutest, chubbiest pony on the run!
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Lets talk about DIS-ease. The battle for health. Having just had my own personal experience with breast cancer at 36 years old, I've had an experience that I never thought I could prepare or plan for. Walking away from the trauma that's left behind, I can't help but to contemplate one question; Or... could I? Setting ourselves up for success with our own health in mind and body is something we were all blessed with, and the same goes for our 4 legged companions. No, I'm not implying that any disease is the fault of that person or animal. WHO KNOWS but God why our cells mutate into something we named cancer, or another illness, which takes so many lives. I DO however believe that we can make our bodies the strongest version of themselves along with our minds to be prepared to fight if the time ever comes. And THAT is why I do what I do💗 Great nutrition, regular exercise, acupressure, acupuncture, Bodywork, Chiropractic, kinesiology, cranial sacral, massage, and others are all ways to keep ourselves and our animal's heath tip top, and to prepare for what this life will throw at us💗💞💖 #equinebodywork #DreamTeamLewis #point2pointhealing #performanceEQ #equinewellness #wellnessadvocate #bethebestversionofyou #CantStopWontStop
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
First day back to work and 5 horses on today's schedule, woohoo! And my newest client Quinn LOVES his kinesiology tape!!! Heather and Steph you have such lovely horses 😍 #point2pointhealing #equinebodywork #infinityhuntersandjumpers
Saturday, March 18, 2017
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
8 horses on the schedule today! I love busy days!!!💗🤗
Sunday, March 12, 2017
I had the pleasure of kinesiology taping Cinco, one of the sweetest horses I do bodywork on regularly. His response to his therapies and taping have been wonderful!! He's making leaps and bounds toward healing and working comfortably under saddle. Increasing circulation in the affected area has been key. Please message me to get your equine partner in rotation for bodywork, it can mean a huge difference in the way you see and FEEL your horse working under saddle💖
Sunday, February 19, 2017
Friday, January 27, 2017
Allright folks, here we are at PNER! Ready for all the endurance riders to come check out our new sport horse supplement line. Our online store is also up and running at www.performance-eq-supplements.com or www.dreamteamlewis.com!!!
Thursday, January 26, 2017
After finally getting home from working on 10 Dressage horses today, I'm actually full of energy from being around such beautiful, HUGE, and well behaved horses!! Can't wait to get back to that barn next week and see how they're doing😍 But for now, it's time to make and pack supplements for the PNER Convention tomorrow!!! Woooohooo! #IllSleepWhenImDead #point2pointhealing
Thursday, January 19, 2017
I love kinesiology tape! Here's Mr Vinnie, a beautiful dressage horse with his tape job which is helping to relieve pain and tension, as well as eliminate inflammation and add support to his brachiocepalic muscle. Topicals are a great addition to the surface of the tape, which soaks it up and helps the body absorb it better. I use my own magnesium oil spray with lavender! Message me for appointments and get your working horse some TLC through bodywork!
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
The equine digestive track is one of the key elements in overall horse health. We as Bodyworkers always say "No gut, no feet, no horse" because most non genetic issues develop from poor gut function. There are so many natural ways to keep your horse sound through maintenence trims, and healthy with promoting proper and stable gut function! Magnesium, Bentonite Clay, low sugar feeds, stress management, access to forage are all just a few ways to keep your horse moving well for a long time! Message me and schedule a Bodywork session for your equine partner to learn all about how a healthy gut can create a healthier horse!!!
Friday, December 23, 2016
I never get tired of this video!! The horse is a magnificent animal💖
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Alright friends, here it is!!! Our very own equine supplement company😊😊😊👍 Performance EQ We will have a joint supplement, a magnesium supplement, and an Amino acid/muscle aid available next week! All made with chelated minerals, 100% pure, no additives, NO FILLERS. If you think you're buying a fantastic joint or amino acid supplement from your current company, think again. Go and check your labels, read the information on the percentage of mineral in your baggie of expensive supplement, and you will find that they are selling you a very small amount of the mineral your horse needs for a very high dollar amount. Why? Because it is CHEAPER. What is in between that small mineral amount and the rest of the feed, you might ask? FILLER. And not a nutritionally sound kind. Feed companies assume that your horses are getting the rest of the "missing" percentage of mineral through their feed and hay. While they may be getting another PERCENTAGE thru feed which you supply, it is not enough to sustain a working or older or growing horse. And our hay is not mineral sufficient for the needs of a horse. This is not a great way to feed a working equine. The only filler you will find in Performance EQ is... NONE! The very topic of spending too much, to receive too little is what spurred this venture, and I'm more than pleased to offer a supplement without the buyer ever having to worry that they aren't getting their dollars worth. Our joint supplement is already 80% cheaper then the mid range joint supplements on the market. Please email me at p2phealing​@gmail.com or PM me to get on my order list for any or all 3 of our supplements. Website and Facebook page to follow!!
Thursday, November 3, 2016
Not many of you following my Point To Point Healing page know exactly why I want to dedicate my life to helping horses be healthy, comfortable, and to have the BEST relationship with their person as they absolutely can. Well, I have decided to share with you all the piece of me that is the driving force behind my love of healing. I loved and cared for a horse in their last 2 years of life, while fighting a genetic disease I didn't know that he had. His name was Kazi. He was my best friend. I helped him heal, I watched him die. And I am writing a book about it. I want anyone and everyone fighting a battle of healing, to know they are not alone, and, that no matter horse or human, you are loved. No title yet, but here is a sample for you all. A glimpse into why my heart is with the horses and being a committed advocate for their health. ***The Aftermath*** Cliff turned as I walked around the corner. He was happy to see me. Swishing his tail and looking down at me, his large equine structure reminded me of a stoic war horse; thick, strong, handsome. His expression softened as he started walking down the hill towards me in the covered stall. I went through the empty stall, and wished it wasn’t so empty, leaving the yellow daises on the corner post. Entering Cliff’s side of the paddock, I brought the piece of apple that I had quartered and stroked his handsome neck. I brought 4 pieces, for the 4 horses, even though there were only three that lived here now. He tried to push his head in my space, and I steered it away and waited for him to show patience. When he stood quietly I gave him the apple and wrapped my hands around his neck, buried my face in his fur, and took a deep breath. It was a different horse scent, clean, rich. I missed that smell. I missed smelling that on Kazi’s neck. He leaned his head into my shoulder and chewed, resting on me. The tears welled up in my eyes and brimmed over, the knot in my throat burning harshly. I began to weep. I can’t stop missing my horse. I can’t stop the hurting. The wind picked up and I looked up the pasture at the tree. The tree that hovered above Kazi day and night now. Hovering like a century who was guarding something priceless. It rocked in the wind, cradled by it. I wondered if he could see it. The limbs dancing on the wind. I picked the flowers up off of the post, and started trudging up the paddocks toward the tree, passing a piece of apple to the other two horses and holding on tight to the last one. I couldn’t stop the tears, I knew I had to go see him. I had to go talk to him. Nadia and Justice, our resident redheads with 4 legs and lovely manes and tails wisping behind them at every step, walked me to the gate and watched me go into the field. Entering into the pasture and closing the gate behind me, I looked at Clifford. He was still standing where he had been when I walked away, watching me intently. The other horses paced, wanting to follow me, but not Cliff; he just stood and watched me. I walked toward the gate, toward Kazi’s grave. I couldn’t even walk through that pasture without thinking of that day. The marks were still embedded in the grass where he laid down and rolled over one last time on the death march. It was torturous to see them. Out of nowhere Nadia decided she was going to escort me, and ran as fast as she could, bucking and jumping down to the end of the paddock alongside where I was walking. She skidded to a halt and looked at me, as if to say she was here with me, but don’t go any further. I appreciated her prescence. Justice was bucking and running back and forth in front of Cliff, and Cliff still just stood there. He was never so still with that much drama going on, and certainly not when I would leave him behind. Something was going on. There was an energy in the air and they all felt it too. I reached out and opened the gate, and expected it to be frozen and stuck like it was on that dreadful morning. Touching the cold metal brought me back to that day and I fought to push the violent visions of it out of my mind. The gate opened with ease and I walked through. I walked past the place where he had thrashed around, fighting to gain his balance, and eventually fallen. Passing where I held his head in my arms watching him take his last breaths, whispering to him that I was so very sorry for failing to heal him. I could see Cliff over the hedge…he was standing in the exact place he was in on that sad day. Watching me from the same spot. It was more than painful reliving that day, but there was something uplifting on the wind. The horses were running and bucking and so alive, and Cliff just stood. I felt his gaze, he wanted me to see he was there. Watching. Ready for me to come back and be near him, hold him, find solace in his deep red fur. There were electric currents of energy flowing through me while watching them, remembering, and feeling the wind on my face. I walked to the edge of his raw grave. The ground surrounding it still looked recently disturbed from where Kazi had thrashed around just days before while fighting for his life. The tree swayed in the wind above us. Broken blackberry vines and crushed leaves surrounded me. I kneeled and clutched my chest as my heart clung to thoughts of him struggling through his last moments. I touched the cold earth where his hooves had pushed up mounds of dirt. My eyes overflowing and my heart broken, I spoke to him softly. I apologized. I asked for forgiveness. I told God how very sorry I was, and that I didn’t mean to fail my friend. I told him how I missed him so badly every day. My yellow flowers in hand, the thin strand quaking with my sobs, a tiny slice of apple rested on the ground in front of me, and I prayed that he saw them. The tears fell, and I could hear the horses running in the next pasture. I turned again, and Clifford was there; unmoved. Watching me. The wind was blowing through his mane and tail. Unwavering, he just stood. He made sure I could see him. He blocked out the other horses and like a lighthouse in the fog he waited to be seen, his body remained calm and still. He wanted me to see that he was right there with me. Kazi was with us that day, and we all felt him. And he wanted Cliff to tell me. I stood, turned, and walked into the pasture. All three horses stood still. The wind howled, and they were still. I entered the upper paddock and Nadia raced to me at a brisk trot, she reached her soft nose out and checked in with me. They knew what I was doing and who I was visiting. Or who was visiting US that day. She and Justice followed me while I entered Cliff’s paddock again, as he still watched and waited for me. I reached him and he was gentle with me. He waited for me to snuggle him and cry into his neck. He let me lean into him, and he ignored the wind, ignored the horses, and the world around us, to just stand there for me to let me cry. He knew. He was indeed a magnificent horse.
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Had to share this....world's cutest, chubbiest pony on the run!
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Thursday, October 13, 2016
We often like to blame the horse for our shortcoming. It's human to want an easy fix! If you own a horse, you have been there. The horse bucks after the jump? Refuses a jump? Acts saddle sore no matter what saddle you ride in? Tires after 20 miles at an endurance ride so you can't quite bump up to 50s? He just WON'T drop his head? Won't Bend? Short on extensions? You can't get the connection you want with him? If there is no accident, illness, or structural deformity, you will be quite surprised to find the cause will be a bit of knotted tissue no bigger than the size of your thumbnail; a bit of muscle or joint ligament unable to perform its normal function, wreaking havoc on the delicate structure of your hard working athlete. There's no diagnosis to be had, but a Bodyworker can feel the tension, test with Acupressure, and help relieve pain for the horse. In turn the horse can move freely creating the symbiotic relationship we all crave under saddle as equestrians. #EquineBodywork #ForTheLoveOfHorses #EquineTherapy
Friday, October 7, 2016
Thank you Allison for introducing me to my new favorite Irishman!!!! Ozzie and Lola were great to work with, I can't wait to come do Bodywork again!❤ And it was lovely to see YOU!
Thursday, September 8, 2016
I had a great time working on Jim James horse this morning! Love my talented clients who take great care of their students, AND their horses!😊💖
Thursday, September 8, 2016
Tail pull!!! Bodywork spine stretches make the horses so happy! Rio is waiting in line for his😄🤗💖💖💖
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
This is a FANTASTIC tool to detect ulcers in your equine partner. We all know how an upset stomach feels...imagine if you HAD TO perform rigorous exercise with the worst stomach ache you could possibly imagine having. What torture! Our horses work extremely hard for us under conditions like these when they have ulcers, and it can create serious behavioral issues that sometimes can be difficult to recognize. Acupressure is a very important modality to help recognize ulcers, and can save a lot of money for the owner by avoiding Imaging costs. There are many ways to help relieve ulcers naturally in the horse that have no negative side effects. If you are concerned your horse may be suffering from ulcers, make a bodywork appointment today and get started relieving your horses pain the natural way😊
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